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Portrait Parties

What is a Portrait Party?

A Portrait Party is an event hosted at a specific location such as your own home, a field, the Baine Images Studio, or even a local park where Baine Images will take professional portraits for you and your guests. Portrait Parties are perfect for Play Groups, Girls Night, Church Groups or even Family Reunions. 

Portrait Parties are Great for People who:

  • Want professional portraits but don't need a full session.

  • Want to host a get-together with friends and family that is unique and memorable.

How Does It Work?

  • First, the host selects a theme for the event. Baine Images will coordinate with the host to discuss the location, props and backgrounds of this theme.

  • The Host provides the location, the guest list, and schedules the sessions in 15 minute increments (link provided).

  • The Host pays a Session Fee of $50 per guest ($200 Minimum Fee). The host can ask that each guest pay their own fee via the link provided or can pay it on their own.

  • The Host provides food/beverages for the party and enjoys time with their guests as Baine Images takes portraits of guests during their 15 minute session.

  • Baine Images will schedule a time for each guest to come to the studio 1-2 weeks after the party to view and order their portraits.

  • The Host will be scheduled last to order their portraits.

  • The Host will receive 15% of their Guest's Sales Total towards a Print Credit for their Portrait Order.

What are the Responsibilities of a Host?

Hosts invite 6-15 guests and picks the Party Date and start time.Each guest receives a 15 minute portrait session, so keep the guest list small and do not schedule more than 15 guests. Baine Images requires at least 4 paid guests to commit to your party. Creating an event on Facebook is a great way to get the word out. A link will be provided for your guests to pay for their session online and select which time they would like. Some hosts like to provide snacks and activities for their guests to enjoy while they wait for their turn to be photographed; however, guests do not need to stay for the entire party. 

Does a Host Receive Incentives?

Absolutely! The best benefit of hosting your own party is to build enough Print Credits to earn your portrait products. It's a great way to get precious and gorgeous memories of your family in larger pieces that you might not normally purchase. 

Hostesses receive the same benefits as their guests at no charge PLUS 

  • $20 Print Credit for each paid guest (10 guests = $200 credit) 

  • 15% of your Guests Sales Total towards a Print Credit for your Portrait Order

What Themes Can I Choose From?

The possibilities are endless*! You can pick your own with the help of Baine Images or pick from a below theme:

  • Family

  • Maternity (Know a lot of expecting moms?)

  • Fishing with Dad

  • Headshots

  • Girls Night

  • Dinosaur Fun

  • Holiday Mini

  • Spring

  • Green House (at studio only)

  • Back to School

  • Love You Lots

  • 4th of July

  • Thankful

  • etc

*Box Sessions Excluded

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