Christmas Box Session Information

Inside the Box Sessions

This is not your typical photoshoot. The photoshoot itself usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour. Larger Composites may take longer. You and your family or friends will take photos in an actual box. We will have fun with props and breaking the barrier of the box itself! Let your imagination and inner child out to play!

I offer 3 Box Options:

-Large White Box (For Families/Adults/Children)

-Small White Box (For Children) - coming soon

-Large Cardboard Box (For Children)

Well Behaved/Trained Pets

are Welcome to Participate!

I will pick my favorites that go in the type of box composite you want! If you have a favorite you want to make sure is in there, let me know and I'll do my best to incorporate it!

How do you want Your Inside the Box to look?

(The more participants, the more boxes you will need)

3 Boxes
20 Boxes
16 Boxes
15 Boxes

-3 Box Composite

-4 Box Composite

-6 box Composite
-9 Box Composite (Most popular)
-12 Box Composite

-13 Box Composite
-15 Box Composite

-16 Box Composite
-20 Box Composite

(All composites will be provided to you as a high resolution digital jpeg.)

6 Boxes
9 Boxes
12 Boxes
4 Boxes
1 Box with 12 Surrounding
3 Boxes
1 Box

After the shoot is when the magic happens! 

The creation of your Inside the Box composite takes 2-6 hours minimum over several days time. The more boxes you choose, the longer it takes to edit them.

You will receive a high resolution jpeg of your final product and a print release. You can order your prints through my Studio. Your Online Gallery will have 15% off Prints ordered the first 7 days after your receive it.


You may also print this from your favorite printing company. Always make sure the dimensions you choose to print in are the same dimensions of your image or it will crop them. I have no control over any printing errors. I will send suggestions of printing companies for you to use. This will save you a TON of money in costs because you can produce your image over and over at a wide variety of sizes and on whatever material you desire. 

Add a 1 Box Profile Photo to Your Order for only $10 more!

(Box must be already included in your main composite)

Message Me for Pricing & To Set Up Your Session Date!

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